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Arbitration is an appeal process that allows you to protest decisions made by your insurer as to the actual cash value of your vehicle in the event that your vehicle is declared a total loss or is "written off" by the insurer for any reason.

If you feel that the final offer made by your insurer does not reflect what you believe to be a fair market value for vehicles like yours, you have the right to reject that offer and to use arbitration to settle the dispute. To begin the arbitration procedure, both parties (you and your insurer) are each required to nominate an appraiser to act on your behalf. Each party is responsible to pay their respective appraiser's fee for services.

Once nominated, the two appraisers will contact each other, physically inspect your vehicle (whenever possible) and make every attempt to agree upon an actual cash value that is fair for both parties.

Because the specifics of the arbitration process differ from claim to claim, we recommend that you contact us directly to learn how we can help you get what you think your "written off" vehicle is really worth.

Our promise is this — When you hire AppraisalPro to represent you in arbitration, we guarantee to increase the final offer you received...or your money back.

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*If you are under any critical time constraints with your insurer, please indicate that in your email.

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