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Why AppraisalPro?

If you've ever seen one of the infamous "books" that the auto market uses to determine vehicle values, then you most likely know that there is a range of values for every vehicle type. There's the Black Book, the Blue Book, the Red Book and the Gold Book and they are used by banks, insurers and new and used vehicle dealers across the country. This is true of all motorized vehicles and watercraft. Each of these books presents a range of values for all vehicles listed. In each case, that range will span thousands of dollars of difference. When you buy or sell or trade a vehicle, it is critically important that the vehicle is placed in the correct area of that range. To do otherwise could cost you a lot of money.

Professional appraisals are the most reliable way to guarantee that when you buy a vehicle, you don't pay the top dollar in the range when the vehicle should be in the lower value area of that same range. The same is true when you sell your vehicle. You deserve to get more if your vehicle should be in the top of the range. Our job is to make sure that if your vehicle is the right model in the right color with the right options and the right mileage that you get the right money for the vehicle. And we repeat, that could mean thousands of dollars.

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