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As you can see, AppraisalPro offers appraisal options for every situation and every budget. Choose the package that best suits your need and we'll get to work making your appraisal happen. Should you require any additional information, send us a quick email. We're always available to answer any questions you may have.

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Our Silver option offers a complete review of your specific vehicle, including photos and all factors which we determine increase the value of the vehicle. This option is designed to let you separate your vehicle from others like it in order to determine where it ranks in the value range for that year, make and model.


Our Gold option takes the appraisal process beyond just establishing comparable value and is the option most frequently requested by insurance companies, banks, Canada Revenue and vehicle retailers in order to establish actual cash values. Gold begins with an extensive on site vehicle inspection by one of our experts in order to establish the vehicle's condition and to confirm the vehicle's features. A professional written appraisal will be prepared that will arm you with an actual cash value for insurance purposes, legal affairs and loan collateral. Because our experts are the same experts hired by those same organizations, our work is recognized as dependable, accurate and seldom questioned. And we always stand behind our work. In other words, by choosing AppraisalPro, you're covered.


Our Platinum package is designed for very specific vehicle types. Owners of hot rods, collectibles, custom vehicles and "one of a kind" tuners who spend significant amounts of money restoring or building customized rides should find our Platinum package the answer to their prayers. Finally, a place to go with the expertise to document the work and the expense and the time and who will put in writing the true value of the vehicle before, during and after completion. Our Platinum package includes a complete vehicle inspection from the ground up and a fully documented and detailed review of the work done and money spent. In addition, we will create a professional photo album and a CD of the vehicle to ensure an accurate record is available in the event that the vehicle is ever damaged or stolen or burnt and the insurance company gives you grief over value. Should you decide to one day sell the vehicle or use it as collateral, your Platinum package from AppraisalPro will come in very handy with the buyer or the bank.

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